Römerbergwerk Meurin Nickenicher Straße, 56630 Kretz
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Wedding in roman quarry

Wedding in Roman Mine

 Marry in the unique atmosphere of a 2000 years
old quarry - in the Roman mine at Meurin near Kretz!

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Guided Adventure-Tours in the Roman Mine

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Quick Information


Roman Mine Meurin, Nickenicher Str., 56630 Kretz

Wedding Date

Please consult with the registry office and the Volcano Park GmbH. Normally ceremonies are held Monday through Saturday from March till October.  On request a wedding ceremony during the winter months is also possible. (please note the Roman Mine isn´t heated)


The ceremony room fits up to a maximum of 50 people ("standing places" for the guests).  Seats are provided for the bridal couple and the groomsman and bridesmaid. Further seating is possible by arrangement. The Roman Mine itself is suitable for party groups of any size and may also be rented.


Wedding room incl. decorations and flowers 200 Euro, Nightwedding and Outdoorwedding 250 Euro. Bottle of champagne 15 Euro, bottle of orange juice 7,50 Euro, bar table with cover 25 Euro. If you want to bring your own champagne, we charge 1 Euro per person. Prices for Canapés are on request.

Ceremony: please ask for the fees at your registry office.


To request further information please contact Mrs. Stemke, Vulkanpark GmbH, via E-mail a.stemke@vulkanpark.com  

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