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Wedding in roman quarry

Wedding in Roman Mine

 Marry in the unique atmosphere of a 2000 years
old quarry - in the Roman mine at Meurin near Kretz!

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Guided Adventure-Tours in the Roman Mine

Guided Adventure-Tours

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General questions

How much time does a visit take?

For a relaxed tour through the Roman Mine Meurin and the World of Ancient Technology you should plan on spending at least 1.5 hours. On Wednesdays and Sundays, our tour guides are on hand to help you explore the exhibition areas. Depending on how much fun you have it might take you a bit longer. 

Do I have to pay separately for the Roman Mine Meurin and the World of Ancient Technology?

No, both parts of the exhibition are included in one ticket price.

Can I try the ancient techniques by myself?

There are some stations where you can try out some techniques by yourself, for example the pulleys in the Roman Mine. The Crane, stone Mills, Stone Saw and the Lathe, however, may only be operated under the supervision of a tour guide. On Wednesdays and Sundays, on guided tours and during different events, you have the opportunity to try all of the ancient techniques.

Is the exhibition interesting for children?

Yes, absolutely! Children beginning at the age of 6 can learn a lot about volcanic stones and Roman history, especially for school. There are many kid-events such as Halloween or Kids day, workshops, and school programs offering a wide range of different possibilities for children.

Are the Roman Mine Meurin and the World of Ancient Technology accessible for the disabled?

Partly! There is an extra car entrance for disabled people where you can drive right up to the Roman Mine. It is located to the left of the white toilet facility near the parking area. An extra toilet for the disabled is also located at the parking area. At the entrance to the Mine there is an 8-cm high step. Once inside there are well-accessible walkways and ramps leading visitors over and through the tunnels. Some parts of the Roman Mine (the cinema gallery) can only be reached by small steps. For visually impaired visitors we offer an audio guide. The ground in the World of Ancient Technology is made up of rough lava rocks and is a bit uneven.

Are dogs allowed?

It´s not allowed to take animals in the museums. Service animals are an exception.  

Is the Roman Mine Meurin heated?

No! Depending on the weather it could be very cold as well as hot in summer. The Roman Mine, however, is protected from the weather elements by a dome like hall.

What´s the Volcano Park in general?

The Roman Mine Meurin and the World of Ancient Technology are part of the Volcano Park. The Volcano Park is a volcanic landscape area in the East Eifel with 6 Information and Discovery Centres and numerous natural, cultural and industrial monuments. They are all about the impressive volcanic activity and explain the emergence of the landscape, as well as 7.000 years of stone quarrying history. Find further information please visit our website www.vulkanpark.com

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