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Wedding in roman quarry

Wedding in Roman Mine

 Marry in the unique atmosphere of a 2000 years
old quarry - in the Roman mine at Meurin near Kretz!

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Guided Adventure-Tours in the Roman Mine

Guided Adventure-Tours

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Roman Mine Meurin and World of Ancient Technology

Visitors are taken back into the time era of the Roman Emperor Augustus and through to the Middle Age. In the Roman Mine and World Ancient of Technology visitors can get a good impression of the lifestyle and techniques used by people in earlier times.We are the largest Roman underground tuff mining region north of the alps.  Come visit us and walk through an original Roman mining tunnel system where real Roman soldiers once hewed out large blocks of Tuff stone. In our outdoor area, you will get a vivid impression of ancient above ground volcanic stone processing by viewing a Stone Mason’s hut, a Blacksmith’s workshop and an original reconstructed crane system. 

Map of the exhibition

Map of the exhibition of the Roman Mine

Travel back to ancient Rome

The year is 5 AD. Emperor Augustus is in the midst of military campaigns in Germania. He has not yet given up his plan of expanding the Roman Empire outwards from the Rhine to the Elbe. The Rhineland Regions are populated by the Celts and Germanic tribes and are fairly peaceful at the moment. Along with the soldiers, the Roman architects and engineers came to our region as well. On the site of what will become Cologne’s Old Town 2,000 years later, there is a huge construction site. 

The Emperor is in the process of establishing a new political center in the newly conquered Germania, which will be built based on the Roman model. At our Roman Mine Meurin and our Ancient World of Technology visitors are able to take a journey through time. Starting with the era of Emperor Augustus and following through to the Middle Ages. Our two exhibition areas will allow you to explore the mining techniques and technology they once used during these ancient times.

At first you will descend and explore original ancient Roman mining tunnels before going outside to the World of Ancient Technology where you will learn hands-on about the technical advancements that were already available to the Romans. When it came to building, the Romans were true experts – now it’s your turn to assume their role.

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