Römerbergwerk Meurin Nickenicher Straße, 56630 Kretz
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Wedding in roman quarry

Wedding in Roman Mine

 Marry in the unique atmosphere of a 2000 years
old quarry - in the Roman mine at Meurin near Kretz!

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Guided Adventure-Tours in the Roman Mine

Guided Adventure-Tours

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Adventure-Tours with the ancient tour guides

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Kid’s day

Family festival with the Romans

Every year on a Sunday in early May, there is a big Children’s festival in the Roman Mine Meurin. The children get to take over the 2,000 year old Tuff stone mine and the Ancient World of Technology. Together with a cohort of Romans, the Family will take a journey through the word of the ancient Römans and their daily life. Participation, crafting, and experiencing await!

Program highlights:

  • Crafting e.g. designing a Mosaic
  • Bow and Arrow shooting
  • Milling flour
  • Forge
  • Chiselling Tuff stone
  • Roman board games 

Special activites in the years past:

  • Volcanic experiments
  • Milking Cow
  • Climbing Wall
  • Board game making
  • Clown
  • Face painting

Each year the program is switched up so there are always new and interesting attractions!

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